Get Your Content Strategy In Place

Consider these content marketing realities:

Over 60% of organizations do not have a content strategy, yet the vast majority of organizations, when surveyed, indicate they need to produce more content.  Layer in the fact that in addition to having no content strategy, they also lack a content development process.

The need for content in B2B marketing is exploding . Yet, few organizations (and marketers) understand how to assemble a content strategy, develop content assets, or manage content creatives effectively.  Most B2B Marketing departments are “skin & bones” – meaning they have a lot to accomplish and not a lot of resources to get everything done.  This means that to deploy campaigns that will engage, and achieve the results that are needed to drive qualified leads to sales, B2B Marketers must master all aspects of managing the content marketing reality – from strategy to development and campaign management.

Most Marketers Need Help

Enter ContentZap.  If you’ve tried to hire great content folks, likely it’s been a less than rewarding endeavor.  Thinking about content and editorial has been the realm of the media and magazines, so now having to staff and manage people who know how to write content is only half the battle.  You’ve also got to put together a content strategy that matches your business objectives.

You need a content marketing team that can deliver results!  A set of professionals who can understand your business and your marketing goals, and work with you to develop and deliver content strategies that help you meet and exceed your goals.

Our C-ZAP Engage Services Include:

  • Content Pathway Development – take one persona, and run through our CTA Mapping process to assemble a strategy that engages the persona throughout their buying journey.  This is a four week process, beginning with an initial 2-hour session.
  • Content Channels Analysis – looks at what channels will work optimally for your marketing goals, and outlines effective utilization of each channel and how it fits into the overall channel strategy.
  • Existing Content Review & Mapping – examines the content that you have, and identifies where it fits along the buyer journey, and how it can be used in an overall content strategy (works well with the Content Pathway Development and Content Channels Analysis services).

To find out more about working with us to develop a content strategy that matches your goals…